In a world where everyone are doing the same thing

Why not be different?

Hello there friend, I'm Vala!

I am a social media marketing coach helpingĀ online entrepreneurs & small business owners build an audience and make more money online.

I stand for respectful and honest marketing in a world of spammers which is why it is incredibly important to me that you learn how to use messenger bots, the right way!

Are you an:

Online entrepreneur

Lifestyle entrepreneur

Small business owner

Content creator

Thought leader


Class/course creator

Wanting to build your list

Wanting to have a successful launch

Then this is the place for you to be!

I am offering two classes:

How to create the ultimate lead magnet & How to build a list and get more clients using messenger bots

Vala has an expansive knowledge of bots, so if you want to build your business using them (which I recommend), she's the right person to teach you.

- Gudrun Bergmann